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Posted on Oct 22 2023 5:18 pm | News

Prints available for each image

New Logo design!

Posted on Dec 23 2022 11:44 am | News

A new rendition

How to be in "The Zone"

Posted on Dec 23 2022 1:18 am | The Zone

Making Artists Zone Accessible To You! Feeling uninspired? Stuck in a rut? We feel you. That s why we have come up with this blog, the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get their creative juices flowing again. Whether you … [read more]


Posted on Nov 26 2020 11:26 am | News

  Beautify you're home or office with art that reflects your taste or culture. Christmas is a time to share your love & caring with personalized art work by Nhinew artist Laird Goulet. For cultural tastes; traditional way of life … [read more]

Vacation getaway!

Posted on Sep 04 2020 11:45 am | News

  Enjoy the serene outdoors next to the beautiful Clear Water Lake in friendly Manitoba, rent it by the week; or day, enjoy A 4 bedroom lakeside lodge with amenities and outdoor fun, call, email or text today to start your vacation getaway today… [read more]

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Laird Goulet Art would love your feedback. Post a review to our profile. https://g.page/lgoulet-art/review?gm


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  Become a patron of mine, each patron will receive gifts for supporting my art! You can view my profile and contribute here: https://www.patreon.com/user

Image reproduction

Posted on Jun 03 2020 3:52 pm | News

Hello If you have a picture that you would like redone in my style of artwork let me know I'd be happy to start a commission! Just send me the image that you would like memorialized, and I'll recreate it in one of my many styles!


Posted on May 12 2020 12:05 am | News

Now offering Mannatech products! Great selection for all your health and beauty needs! From vitamin supplements and skin products made from the Aloe Vera plant, contact me for all your beauty needs!

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