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First Nation Art

Laird Goulet Explained

Laird Goulet is a Native Canadian Metis artist, raised in The Pas, Manitoba, he grew up experiencing life on the Trapline, with encouragement and hardwork Laird began his painting adventures; after winning the Peacehills Trust Art contest he was approached by The BearClaw Art Gallery to display his Artworks. Laird works primarily in acrylics on canvas, and welcomes commissions, Art Galleries, and clients to contact him via social media and Google, Laird welcomes you to enjoy his version of traditional lifestyles of the Enniniw combined with a futuristic theme that encourages the viewer to to see through Lairds eyes; he welcomes the viewers perspectives as they help him reach for new ideas and subject matter to paint. Welcome to Lairds Website and many journeys together, join Laird in his search for what it means to be an artist in an ever changing landscape.


Laird Goulet's unique and vibrant painting style reflects the spiritual and artistic imprints that have been inherently transferred to him by his grandmothers. Laird uses the power dot to best capture the floral beadwork patterns and rich birchbark biting imprints that his grandmothers had mastered before him.

His paintings pay homage to the subsistence lifestyle of his Cree Moshums (Grandfathers). Laird's images are inspired largely by childhood memories on the trap-line and fishing grounds, checking Nets and preparing Bannock under the open skies.


Laird placed 3rd in the 2003 Manitoba juried art show

1st place 2004 Saskatchewan juried art show

2007 - Winner of the Peace Hills Trust First Nations art contest.

2018 2nd Place Peachills Trust Art Contest

Laird Goulet was selected to have his works displayed in the Aboriginal Art venues at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Donates pieces to be auctioned off for a variety of charities that will increase knowledge of the First Nations Peoples of Canada; and raise awareness of the Environment.

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