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Laird Goulet

"Surprise the Senses"

Surreal paintings by one of Canada's finest minds. Discovering Laird's digital gallery of art is an immersive plunge into the mind's deepest recesses to invoke esoteric explorations of our collective humanity

While his body of work boasts a rich divergent history and influence, Laird taps into more familiar but ancient muses and genes transferred from his grandmother's craft. His works have intricate detailing and power dot patterns you'd find only in the most carefully crafted floral beadwork patterns and rich birchbark biting imprints. This innate ability to translate lived experiences into a transcendental art form is how the paintings help Laird to express self and existence. An indigenous artist of Canada, he encodes his values, genes, memories, and soul in his artwork.

The Nature of Laird's Art every brush stroke, a homage to his traditional, family, and communal spirit, Laird's futuristic perspective gives the viewer a sense of balance that's found in nature. As a younger man, most of his winter and spring tent living offered timeless memories as otters, bobcats, wolves, and other creatures came to visit. Seeing the primal existence of these beautiful beasts awakened in his heart a cascading artful brilliance that spills onto the canvass in torrents and ripples.

Merch and Creation

Lairds art appeals to a diverse audience whose visual palettes have grown accustomed to works that conjure the most powerful emotions of connection, tranquillity, oneness, and courage. This has led him down a commercial path of creation and design. His art is imprinted on exquisite personal items that come alive in his vivid colors. He's working with brands like:The SilverWolf trading company, Ernie Scoles Fine Framing, Legalariste, Capandwinndevon, and my website

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Laird's Blog

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Laird Goulet is a Native Canadian Metis artist.

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Please contact Laird if you would like to purchase artwork or more information.info@bearclawgallery.com

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