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Posted on May 01 2020 2:11 pm | News


This blog is starting its first transmission, this will be my first attempt, I'll keep the first try on a lighter note.

Let's begin! First of all I'd like to thank all of you that are tuning in, I hope to enlighten and entertain many subjects through or history together, from World events, Art, Business, personal well-being, health awareness, etc. I hope this blog helps others aswell.

Today, I will discus, well, whats going on in the World today, everyone is in isolation, trying to make the best of things, I hope we all have constructive things to do, I know that during these times great ideas have been known to crop up (in times of stress and hardships), too those people I encourage you to believe in yourselves, our society was built on people like yourselves that turn our days in to a brighter future, keep trying even when you don't want to, dig in your heels and roll up your sleeves a little bit more, sometimes its that little extra effort that makes all the difference.

Utilizing our time for the betterment of ourselves no matter if its a little or alot each day helps keep our thinking sharp, taking time with family is very important, it took a pandemic to help me realize this, sometimes I hope its not to late to mend broken relationships, it took a pandemic to help me realize what's important to me in my life.

Thats enough for a first blog, its heavy, so I'll let it go from here, tune in tomorrow for another, I really appreciate your love of Art and I hope to talk to you again tomorrow!



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